Belinda Corpuz. Belinda is one of the youth founders of PATAC and a member of Panyolito. She started singing when she was four years old.  Over the years, she has performed in a lot of community events to help them raise funds. She now sings regularly at the noon mass at her parish church and assists the choir director in managing the Children's choir in her parish. Belinda believes that "to whom much is given, much is expected".

Levy Abad Jr. Levy Abad Jr., singer, songwriter, cultural activist, is a great believer in the role of art for helping people understand their circumstances and transforming their world.  Art, aside from giving shape to emotions, must help to kindle hope in peoples' hearts for freedom and justice.  Art in general or a song in particular must expose, oppose and propose solutions to existing social injustice.  Art must serve the people.  Some songs written by Levy include Sana, Awit ng Pag-asa, Awit sa Bayani, Martsa ng Pagkakaisa, Light a Candle, Oh God, Land of Peace, You're a Terrorist, Kahit Kailan, Hanggang sa Muli, Sa Aking Paglayo, and Na-shock Ako. 

Alex Felipe. Alex Felipe studied Political Science at the University of Toronto with the intention of entering law.  When he realized the amount of work that went into it, he decided to become a photographer instead. In reality, he fell into photography quite by accident.  He first picked up a camera in late 2002 while working, volunteering and backpacking his way around Southeast Asia (in 2001-2002).  Today, he freelances for a variety of organizations and publications.

Cresny Lorenzo is a young elementary student with a gift of dancing and singing. She loves to perform. She has been performing for fundraising events of PATAC since 2009.

Lito Cuevas and Nestor Clerigo comprised the Playlist band. They have been singing for more than 20 years. They are now part of the Holy Rosary choir.

Tess Chavesa mother of two grown-up children, enjoys working at the WSIB, actively involved in various social groups (dance club, aerobics, etc.) and is presently a volunteer leader in the Children?s Ministry at Agincourt Pentecostal Church teaching children action songs for presentations.  She loves to dance and has interpreted lots of songs and performed in many community and personal events.

PATAC Youth Collective (Angelique Mendoza, Kimberly Quines, Charmaine Marasigan, Karen Reotutar, Jen Chin)  initially performed also at  in the October 23, 2010 event, Ang Bayan Kong Pilipinas  and have taken a more substantial role  in organizing of this event. They produce the video, performed the final number, created props for the event and  lots more. This group of high students from Notre Dame showed committed, very good work ethics and creativity.

Tommy Gesell 11-year old Tommy Gesell, Grade 6 French Extended student at Duke of Connaught Public School.  Level 4 in Piano at Ontario Conservatory of Music, 1st Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwan Do, member of DeSantos Martial Arts Demo Team that performed at Toronto City Hall and Dundas Square for Filipino events, Model/Actor includes a music video for Australian rock band "The Getaway Plan" at a very young of ten is an accomplished black belt karate. He is also a very good pianist.

Jonathan Sobrino and Nica Sobrino  is a father and child  team who feels that  getting involved in this event is one way of helping vulnerable children in the  Philippines.

Cresny Lorenzo is  an eleven year old emerging artist. She loves performing and has been representing PATAC since 2009. She a dancer and a singer.

Sam Panlaqui, Ging Lyla Luciano and Nica Sobrotan recently got together to  perform for this event.   All three  shares  a passion and commitment to help children  in the Philippines.

PATAC Children's Group (Giselle Bacnis, Cresny Lorenzo, Benson Corpuz, Isabella Corpuz and Elyka Ampioco) is composed of elementary students who are committed in supporting PATAC's projects to raise funds for their peers in the  Philippines. They have performed in the "Ang Bayan kong Pilipinas" concert, "Pamaskong Handog para sa Migrante" and now in "Pamaskong Handog para sa mga bata.


Henessy Cruz  is a member of the Panyolito group and is an excellent soloist and vocalist. She plays the guitar and other instruments. She is a cultural activist and sings Pilipino songs from Tagalog, Visayan to Ilocano. One of the movers of PATAC, she has organized events like the September 2008, Evening of Peace and Music, Himig ng Pag-ibig and Na-Shock ako and much more. 

Mithi Esguerra is a member of the Panyolito group and is the main guitarist of the group. An accomplished guitarist and is very involved in the Filipino youth issues. She leads Migrate Ontario Youth. She is also one of the movers of the PATAC youth. A community and cultural activist.

Inah Canlapan.  Inah Canlapan is a young Filipino Canadian is currently reigning Ms. Manila 2010.  Inah has been performing in various Filipino community events and concerts in the GTA since she was 10 years old. She is called the Front Act Queen of Toronto.  Rightly so when you see the long list of front acts she had like Jovit Baldovino, Jose Mari Chan, Arnel Pineda, Sharon Cuneta, Regine Velasquez,  to name a few. In her spare time, Inah plays the piano, guitar & violin and loves to read books. Inah is an ahiever and it reflects in her school work as well.  She graduated in elementary with the Highest Academic award and was recently awarded the Student of the Year award in her high school.

Mary Auxi.  Mary is a songwriter and singer. She has performed in PATAC organized events like the September 2008, Evening of Peace and Music, Filipino Huh? Essay Award ceremony in December and the recent Himig ng Pag-ibig concert on February 2009. She loves to write songs that are dear to her and her loved ones. She is exploring her Filipino roots through music and with other PATAC artists.

Puede bang Magsalita band   is a group of friends who love to jam and share their talent. They bring funky and danceable music to events they appear in.

Francesca Esguerra. Francesca Esguerra is an aspiring visual and graphic artist.  Most of her work is inspired by FIlipino art, Philippine history and social justice issues in the Philippines. She migrated to Canada in 1994 with her family.  She believes that her identity is firmly rooted in her people's history and ongoing struggle for genuine freedom and justice. Francesca is currently a member of Migrante Ontario Youth and Migrante Ontario, an alliance of individuals and community organizations dedicated to fighting for the rights and welfare of migrant Filipinos.

Panyolito. Belinda, Henessy and Mithi make up the Panyolito group. Mithi is the guitarist. Henessy and Belinda are the singers. They all enjoy performing songs and music that are relevant to our times. As young people, they also have their own favorite contemporary music, artists and songs.  

TNT (Tinig ng Tibak). Founded by Cynthia Palmaria and Marco Luciano in Montreal, this group now resides in the greater Toronto area. These women sing songs that speak of the realities and struggles of women.

Dylan Hamada was born in Baguio and grew up in Oakville Ontario. He is currently a university student and is interested in issues of Philippine self-determination.

Celia Correa is a member of the Philippine Artists Group (PAG) and a visual artist who specializes in painting images of Filipino common everyday life. Her works have been exhibited at OISE, PIDC and PATAC events. 

Teodoro Honrado (Dors) is a passionate skillful guitarist who enriches performances through his skillful guitar accompaniment. He also sings and knows a lot of the nationaiist and progressive songs sung in the late 70s and the 80s.

Divine Montesclaros. Divine Montesclaros is a graphic design student at OCAD.  She is responsible for creating the posters that PATAC uses for its campaigns and concerts.  A current member of Migrante Ontario Youth as well, she believes that breaking down the barriers between different cultures is the only way to enhance the quality of creativity.  For the past five years, Divine has been passionately devoted to design and photography.