This is an online fundraising project by a group of concerned organizations to help Barangay Mabini Evacuation Center and Migrante-Batangas.


Still waiting for the big eruption. Lives in suspension. Communities, municipalities affected.


A minimum donation of $10 will go a long way.. 

Please note we are a registered not for profit organization in Canada. We will issue a receipt,  NOT a TAX deductible receipt. We will provide you a report on how the money was spent. If you require a tax receipt, we will forward your donation to a registered charity. Just note it on your online donation. 

Pictures from PHILVOLCS website.

Brief Background

Taal volcano  already erupted on January 12 and that they are still predicting an ever bigger explosion over the next few days.  Batangas province has 30 municipalities with 1078 barangays.  Philvolcs has a list of barangays and  municipalities affected by the ongoing situation in the Batangas, click here

Typhoons, earthquake and volcanic eruption are natural part of the geographical nature of the Philippines. Over twenty typhoons pass the Philippines annually; some of them super typhoons that wreak havoc to the community.  Naturally situated in the Ring of fire, the Philippines also experiences earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. This intrinsic feature is made more destructive when the natural protective features of the geography is damaged due to misuse of land (building roads, subdivision, deforestation, mining) and resources. The capacity and ability to respond to the immediate needs is compromised by misappropriation of resources for personal use and corruption.  

In the last several months, the Philippines was ravaged by natural and man-made calamities. The impact of a disaster increases with the density of the population. 

Remember the Mount Pinatubo eruption in 1992 that buried villages in Central Luzon and disturbed the global climate at that time. In 1990, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Northern Luzon levelled off a five star hotel in Baguio and three story school in Cabanatuan. The quake left 2,412 people dead.The most recent 7.2 magnitude in Bohol took nearly 200 lives.

In the past, we had whole villages buried alive when torrential rains brought  down mudslide and logs due to indiscriminate denuding of trees and mountains. Remember the Ginsaugon mudslide in Leyte. Remember, Typhoon Ondoy and Sendong. Remember the mudslide in Davao del Norte village.

Filipinos turn to their overseas family, relatives and friends to help them in these times of needs and help them rebuild their lives. We will continue to be critical of the issues facing the Philippines . We also recognize that, FOR NOW, we need to respond to the urgent needs of the communities affected by the calamities. 

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