Fundraising for Philippine Communities devastated by calamities

In the last several months, the Philippines was ravaged by natural and man-made calamities. 

We call on all Overseas Filipino Workers to pitch in and respond to the immediate and rebuilding needs of the devastated communities. 

Typhoons are natural part of the geographical location of the country. Over twenty typhoons pass the Philippines annually; some of them supertyphoons that wreak havoc to the community. 

Naturally situated in the Ring of fire, the Philippines also experiences earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Remember the Mount Pinatubo eruption in 1992 that buried villages in Central Luzon and disturbed the global cimate at that time. In 1990, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Northern Luzon levelled off a five star hotel in Baguio and three story school in Cabanatuan. The quake left 2,412 people dead.The most recent 7.2 magnitude in Bohol took nearly 200 lives.

In the past, we had whole villages buried alive when torrential rains brought  down mudslide and logs due to indiscriminate denuding of trees and mountains. Remember the Ginsaugon mudslide in Leyte. Remember, Typhoon Ondoy and Sendong. Remember the mudslide in Davao del Norte village.

A whole community is suffering the effects of irresponsible mining practice - mine tailings left by large pit mining resulted in generations of babies being born with deformities not to mention the effect on health to people living in the area. 

Typhoons, earthquake and volcanic eruption are natural part of the geographical nature of the country's location. This intrinsic feature is made more destructive when the natural protective features of the geography is damaged due to misuse of land (building roads, subdivision, deforestation, mining) and resources. The capacity and ability to respond to the immediate needs is compromised by misappropriation of resources for personal use of elected officials - PORK BARREL and corruption. 

Filipinos turn to their overseas family, relatives and friends to help them in these times of needs and help them rebuild their lives. We will continue to be critical of the issues facing our Kababayan. We also recognize that, FOR NOW, we need to respond to the urgent needs of the communities affected by the calamities. 


On behalf of PATAC, I call on everyone to support this united effort to raise funds for communities devastated by typhoons and earthquakes in the Philippines. Help us bring a happy holiday season.

Fundraising for victims of Typhoon Sendong in the Southern Philippines


AHON Fundraising event this Saturday is another fundraiser for typhoon Sendong victims.


HELP for the victims of "Sendong"

"Tayo ang ilaw sa madilim na daan
Pagkakapit bisig lalong higpitan

Dumaan man sa malakas na alon
Lahat tayo'y makakaahon"

a verse from "Star ng Pasko" song

"Di ba ang tunay na diwa, pagtulong sa kapos ng mga sagana."

 a line from "Diwa ng Pasko" song

Let us help light the dark times that our brethen in the Southern Philippines are experiencing right now. As the above verse says, "We are the light in the dark road, hold arms tightly and we will all survive even the passing with strong waves". Let us extend our helping hands.

PATAC calls our friends and supporters to again give generously and share their blessings to those who are in dire need, emergency needs. The following organizations are soliciting funds for the typhoon victims. PATAC will help facilitate sending your support to MIGRANTE or to CDRC, if you wish to course it through us. You may donate to them directly through this channels:

Migrante International - Migrante Canada calls on its member organization and allies to donate for typhoon "Sendong" victims.  Let us mobilize our organizations to start collecting donations ,cash,relief goods.

Migrante international
Account number 1994-0218-06
Account number 1993-0728-14
Swift code BOPIPHMM
Bank of Philippine Islands
Kalayaan branch Diliman

Citizens Disaster Response Center -

Any amount that you can give will be highly appreciated, and will go directly to CDRC’s relief and rehabilitation program. You can deposit directly to the following accounts:

Peso Account:

Account Name: Citizens’ Disaster Response Center

Bank: Metrobank, Examiner Branch, Quezon City, Philippines

Account No. 636-3-63600741-3


Dollar Account:

Account Name: Citizens’ Disaster Response Center

Bank: Metrobank, Examiner Branch, Quezon City, Philippines

Account No. 636-2-63600158-3

Swift Code: MBTCPHMM

In Toronto, Canada, a fundraising concert is being organized by concerned southern Philippines Filipino Canadians: Our Lady of the Assumption Church (OLA) - AFCM under Fr. Ben Ebcas and
Zeny Uy, Philippine Independence Day Council (PIDC) with president
Minda Neri and Kagayanon International - Ontario with president Nestor
Marzan, Iligan-Lanao Group with Ricky Caluen.

Tropical Storm victims concert to be held on January 21, 2011 at the Our Lady of Assumption Parish, 2565 Bathurst St., Toronto on Jan. 21, 2012  at 6:30 p.m. Details will be announced later. 

Fr. Ebcas has launch the OPERATION TABANG on December 17, 2011: Inkind donations of usable clothing (infants to adults), household wares, dry goods, unexpired canned goods can be dropped off at Our Lady of the Assumption Church -2565 Bathurst St.

DIRECT DONATIONS can be deposited to the following account with Scotia Bank: Fr. Ben Ebcas, Acct. 1490 2032 2628 OR donate through SHARELIFE program of your Catholic parish church and direct it to tropical storm Sendong relief operations.
(PC-Dec20, 2011)

Fundraising for typhoon victims- Typhoon Pedring and Quiel


Once again, Philippine Advocacy Through Arts and Culture solicits your support and assistance to help the victims of typhoons Pedring (Sep 25) and Quiel (Oct 1).

Priority needs identified were: rice and other food items including bottled water, mats, roofing/housing materials

PATAC, as before, also facilitates in processing your donation through its online Paypal account. However ,we do not issue tax receipts. If you need one, please let us know and we will course your donations to ShareLife or United Church.

Citizens Disaster Response Center also receives donations directly.


"...we are are receiving calls from individual OFWs we have assisted appealing for help kasi wala pa daw pumupuntang kahit na anong org doon maging ang gobiyerno at talagang wala na silang makain at mainom..."   Migrante International


Migrante International are ready to receive financial donations. You can send your money directly to the following accounts.

Migrante International
Bank of Philippine Islands
Kalayaan Branch, Diliman, QC
Account Number: 1994-0218-06

Bank of Philippine Islands
Account Number: 1993-0728-14
Swift Code: BOPIPHMM



Philippines was ranked third country most hit by natural disasters in 2010. While Filipinos have learned to weather these storms and natural calamities, it still make life more challenging and difficult especially when these calamaties hit them during the time of harvest.

Typhoon Pedring

On September 25, 2011, Typhoon Pedring (International Name: Nesat), entered the Philippine Area of Responsibility on September 25, 2011 and left at least 20 people killed, 14 injured and 35 missing. It affected 35,273 families or 171, 570 persons affected.

Citizens Disaster Response Center (CDRC) Philippines reported that, "All in all 349 barangays, 78 municipalities, and 17 cities in 22 provinces of Regions I, II, III, IV-A, IV-B, V, CAR and NCR were affected. The initial cost of damages to 46 school buildings and crops amounted to Php 100,264,840.63, the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council reported.


There were 9 floodings, 5 landslides, 1 tornado, 14 sea mishaps, 2 collapsed structures, and 1 vehicular accident reported in various regions affected.

The typhoon, which made landfall in Isabela and Aurora, toppled trees, blocked major roads and damaged property.

In Metro Manila, winds and torrential rain inundated parts of Manila, Malabon and Marikina. A storm surge flooded a large portion of Roxas Boulevard.

Meanwhile, the local government of Obando in Bulacan placed the town under state of calamity after 11 barangays were submerged in flood waters. Local officials said the damage sustained by the coastal town was worse than what super typhoon Ondoy brought 2 years ago. Obando was submerged in neck-deep water Tuesday. Most areas in the town are still isolated due to impassable roads and flood waters that have yet to subside.

In the Cordillera region, communication lines bogged down in Kalinga, Ifugao, Mt. Province, Abra and in some areas of Benguet hampering immediate data gathering and coordination. To date power blackouts are still experienced in almost all of the provinces. A series of landslides along the major roads within the region were also monitored with Mt. Province and Apayao greatly affected.

The strong winds and heavy rainfall damaged agricultural lands in Kapangan, Tublay, and Kibungan. Vegetables ready for harvest were blown off, including rice fields in Lower Tabuk, Kalinga. Fields were submerged by the overflow of the Chico River. Aside from the rice and vegetables, corn producing areas were also affected. Flooding in low lying areas of Benguet such as La Trinidad, and Lowland Tabuk were also observed.".

Typhoon Quiel made landfall in Luzon, Philippines

October 1, 2011. Still reeling from the devastation wrought by Typhoon Pedring, more people were evacuated to shelters. Latest news from stated that 1 person killed and 1 injured as a results of landslide.

Photos from CDRC Philippines