“A PATAC show makes one uncomfortable as it is one of pining and pain. It dares one to think of what ought to be done... Nothing best exemplify this characterization than these words from the song...titled Buksan Ang Inyong Puso: 
Open your heart and do not be meek | Tears are not enough, what we need to do is act | Lend your time to fighting for the cause | Feel the sting and pain of poverty | How many children have been destroyed by poverty? | How many martyrs have offered their lives?

For as long as the times are not a-changing, there will always be songs......of our times.

Excerpt from the article by Ricardo Caluen for Philippine Reporter for PATAC’s event: Songs of our Times.

2018 - Filipino Heritage Month


2016 with the Toronto Community Benefits Network


2013 Activities

Collaborated with Anakbayan, "Diwa ng Kasarinlan".

Recognition of PATAC Youth Volunteers through the Ministry of Citizenship Volunteer Service Honours and Awards Program.

Recognition of PATAC's volunteer contribution to S.E.A.S.

Participation in various community events.

2012 Activities

Participation in various in community events, notably in "One Billion Rising", "Christmas event of S.E.A.S", participated in various fundraising events for flood victims.

Raise funds for communities affected by Typhoons.

2011 Activities

Various performances in community events

Pamaskong Handog para sa mga Bata

Pamaskong Handog para sa Migrante

We are a registered non-profit organization in Canada. We do not issue donation tax receipts.

2010 Activities


October 23, 2010 - "Ang Bayan Kong Pilipinas" - an annual fundraising event.



August 2010 - PISTA (Philippine Ingenious Sense of Tradition in Arts) - a potluck picnic in the park and cultural presentations.)

 FREE THE 43 CAMPAIGN - August 26 , 2010


April 2, 2010 - Participating at the Good Friday Walk for justice and peace.

Projects completed 2009 and earlier

Aside from countless community events we supported and performed in, the following projects were implemented and produced by PATAC since 2007: 


"Such arrogance to speak of owning the land when we instead are owned by it. Only the race owns the land because the race lives forever."

"Life! If life is threatened, what should we do? RESIST! This we must do, otherwise, we are dishonored and that is worse than death. If we do not fight, we die anyway. If we fight, we die honorably... and our children may win and keep this land. And the land shall become even more precious when nourished by our sweat and blood."  - Macliing Dulag

April 24 is Cordillera Day, a tradition commemorating the continuing struggle of the indigenous peoples of the Mountain Province for land and self-determination. It began after the murder of Macliing Dulag on April 24, 1980, by Philippine military under Marcos government. Macliing Dulag was a chieftain of the Butbut tribe of Kalinga who led his people's resistance against the building of the IMF-WB-funded Chico River Dam on their ancestral land.

HIMIG NG PAG-IBIG, February 2009

A valentine benefit concert for the Children's Rehabilitation Centre (CRC Philippines) featuring songs and music from selected era of the Philippine History. Featuring local talents from the community: Panyolito, Puede bang magsalita band, Dylan Hamada, Migrante Dancers, Dors, Mary Auxi Guiao  and more.


UNITY CONCERT, REBUILDING LIVES - major participation in the organization and implementation of this event.


FILIPINO, HUH!  literary contest

The first essay contest ever targeting the Filipino Canadian Youth. Three awards were given: Antonio Zumel award, Teodora Cabanela-Tsang Award and Loreto Sulit award.


AN EVENING OF PEACE AND MUSIC - Sep 2008, Stand up for Human Rights and Justice





NA-SHOCK AKO - May 2008, A night of migrant songs

Na-shock Ako!, a concert held on May 3, 2008 at Reillys Bar & Cafe, is a night dedicated to all Filipino migrants who have left their loved ones in the Philippines in the hopes of finding better opportunities abroad.  

Some artists that performed include: Levy Abad Jr., Panyolito, Belinda Corpuz, TNT, Jen Jim & Angelo,  Myk Miranda, Basil Guiab, and John Flores.


MINE, MINE, MINE - Apr 2008, Mining in the Philippines

a photo exhibit . . . a concert . . .

Mine, Mine, Mine is PATAC's contribution to the 2008 Earth day celebration. The  photo exhibit  by Alex Felipe displayed pictures from his trip to the Philippines in October 2007 to January 2008.

Help us save the Subagon's sacred mountain. Mt. Canatuan, believed to be the place where the mortal and the immortals made their first pact.


Touch a Life, Help a soul - Dec 2007, 
The first major project of PATAC was a combination of photo and arts exhibit and concert.  




An evening of peace and music - Sep 2007, Never again. No to martial law.