Childrens Rehabilitation Centre

PATAC has been raising funds for programs of the Children's Rehabilitation Centre since 2007. 

CRC 2008 Report


Raising funds to support youth education

Last September I had the privilege to meet two Assumption Sisters, Sr. Mila and Sr. Esper who did wonderful stress management workshop. During that time, I learned about their work for children and youth in the Philippines.

"Within you and outside of you are diverse  and confusing situations  that  call for creativity and strength  of heart."

PATAC recognizes the need to support the education programs for youth and children in the Philippines. This year's fundraising, we are also supporting the Missionaries of Assumption community programs.

Citizens Disaster Response Centre

PATAC was one of the organizing committee for the Unity Concert: Rebuilding Peoples' Lives.  Click here to read CDRC report on the funds given for Typhoon Ondoy devastated communities.