PATAC collects donations and processes it according to the donors’ wishes. 

For donors who request tax donation receipts, we ask them if they would like to send it through ShareLife or the United Church.

For those who do not mind tax receipts, the funds are sent through the Citizens Disaster Response Center (CDRC) Philippines http://www.cdrc-phil.com/

For business entities who would rather have their contribution dollars treated as an advertising expense, sponsor or purchase a ticket or ads for the Dec 21 event. 

Thank you to everyone who donated for the typhoon victims in the Philippines. We raised a total of $1,010 from our donors listed below. We also gave $480 from funds raised by PATAC from its two 2009 events: February-Himig ng Pag-ibig concert and the  September-Tribute to People's Heroes.  PATAC paid online fees levied on the online donation transaction.

Donor List:

Ivan Tucakov Dentistry Professional Corp

Cecilia Santiago

Edgardo Parayno

Edwin Mercurio

Elisa Guiam

Elizabeth Copada-Gesell

Francelia Ampioco

Mila Ibrahim

Olivia Sumabat

Paulina/Ben Corpuz

Teresa Felipe

Tess Chavez





You may donate directly to the following organizations:


Migrante National Office at telephone no: 63-2-9114910 or email [email protected] and[email protected]

For any cash donation, kindly remit it to Migrante International, Bank of the Philippine Islands Kalayaan Branch, Account No. 1993-0859-16; Swift Code: BOPIPHMM.

Citizens Disaster Response Centre

Any amount that you can give will be highly appreciated, and will go directly to CDRC’s relief and rehabilitation program. You can deposit directly to the following accounts:

Peso Account:

   Account Name: Citizens’ Disaster Response Center

   Bank: Metrobank, Examiner Branch, Quezon City, Philippines

   Account No. 636-3-63600741-3

Dollar Account:

   Account Name: Citizens’ Disaster Response Center

   Bank: Metrobank, Examiner Branch, Quezon City, Philippines

   Account No. 636-2-63600158-3

   Swift Code: MBTCPHMM

PATAC-Organizing Committee member for Unity concert, 2009

A partner in the Unity Concert - Rebuilding People's Lives 2009, PATAC is a member of the Unity concert Organizing Committee. 

Paulina developed and manages the event website. PATAc makes up in time and skills what they lack financially.  Some of its affiliated artists will perform in the concert on Sunday, December 13, 2009 from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

It will be a very exciting day for everyone. This is the first time artists from various musical persuasions come together to raise funds for the victims of typhoons in the Philippines.

The three hour event features in the first segment our professional Filipino singers perform broadway inspired music. The second segment presents th alternative and progressive artists. The third segment rocks.

With an impressive line-up ofdon artists ranging from upcoming performers to accomplished singers, the minimum $25 ticket is a bargain. For more information, check the event - Souvenir program.

(Paulina Nov 20, 2009)


THE PAINSWICK UNITED CHURCH and PILIPINONG MIGRANTE SA BARRIE staged a successful mini-concert at the Oasis Church in Barrie, Ontario on October 26, 2009. The joint venture raised $1,200 plus and it all goes to the victims of typhoons in the Philippines. The funds will be coursed through the United Church of Canada. 

The concert featured the "Bon Accord" musical group consists of brothers and sisters, who delighted the crowd with their musical talents and performance of songs belonging to various music genre. They enthused the audience with their folksongs and gospel music, including pop songs too.

Panyolito brought into the concert the Philippines culture. Panyolito was specially invited by the Painswick Church who heard them sing the first time last December 2008.

Pictures and videos will be posted once permissions from the artists to post it are received by PATAC. (October 27, 2009)

Typhoon Ondoy relief appeal

PATAC continues to raise funds online for victims of the typhoons in the Philippines. Donate online 

CDRC pushes for comprehensive disaster response

The Citizens' Disaster Response Center (CDRC), a non-profit organization advocating community-based disaster management, is pushing for a comprehensive disaster management in the Philippines. “Relief delivery is only one aspect of disaster risk management, but equally more important are disaster preparedness and rehabilitation,” said Carlos Padolina, Deputy Executive Director of CDRC during a relief delivery operation Sunday for the families affected by Tropical Storm Ondoy in Brgy. Tatalon, Quezon City.
CDRC gave relief goods to 500 families in Brgy Tatalon, and conducted free play, feeding and arts workshop for children, and psychosocial therapy and acupuncture for the affected families as part of its comprehensive approach to disaster management.
“CDRC is not only giving-out relief, but also helping communities become more resilient in the face of disasters that are becoming more and more complicated by the day,” Bernadette Aquino, Chairperson of the CDRC Board of Trustees said.
Aquino added that for 25 years, CDRC has been conducting trainings on disaster preparedness and putting up disaster preparedness committees (DPC) all over the country to minimize, if not to eradicate, the adverse impact of extreme events.
“After our relief delivery operations, we will move on to the rehabilitation phase, and help the community get back on its feet,” said Padolina. “Relief goods are only good for a few days, but we want something that will last in the long term.”
Padolina and Aquino mentioned poverty alleviation projects, environmental preservation programs and disaster preparedness trainings as only some of the programs that will help the community become more resilient in the face of disasters.    (from CDRC website)